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“As of November 23, 2006 States shall require, as part of their safety programme, that an [operator, maintenance organization, ATS provider, certified aerodrome] implements a safety management system (SMS) accepted by the State that, as a minimum:

  • Identifies safety hazards.
  • Ensures that remedial action necessary to maintain an acceptable level of safety is implemented.
  • Provides for continuous monitoring and regular assessment of the safety level achieved.
  • Aims to make continuous improvement to the overall level of safety.”

To adequately satisfy these requirements, aviation service providers need safety database software designed specifically for ICAO SMS programs.

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Aviation Safety Software Products by SMS Pro

Aviation Safety Software Products - Hazard Reporting Solution

Hazard Reporting Solution offers on basic and advanced hazard reporting tools. Risk management functionality allows operators to track corrective actions and conduct investigations using the same powerful Issue Manager that is available in all the SMS solutions. Online and offline hazard reporting functionality available.

Aviation Safety Software Products - Risk Management Solution

Risk Management Solution contains all elements of Hazard Reporting Solution, plus more risk management modules. Significant additions include Proactive Hazard Analysis Tool (PHAT) and the Hazard Register. Also included is Risk Assessment Tool, commonly known as FRAT or Flight Risk Assessment Tool. FRAT, which can be used for many types of operations, and not just Flight Ops.

Aviation Safety Software Products - Safety-Quality Assurance Solution

Safety-Quality Assurance Solution has all the features of Hazard Reporting and Risk Management Solution. Online and offline auditing tools come with access to more advanced charting and analytical tools.

Aviation Safety Software Products - Enterprise Solution

Enterprise version has all SMS and operational modules. Operators with multiple companies gain access to the Enterprise version at the price of the Safety-Quality Assurance Solution, provided all companies use the system.